Uncle Slim

My name is Lowell Heard, AKA Uncle Slim. I was born and raised in Birmingham ,Al and moved to Jacksonville, FL from San Diego, CA. The move helped me to pursue my passion for styling and cutting hair. I’ve joined the Man Kave Barbershop to help further my career as a Professional Barber and the Man Kave Brand. I’m 42 years old and proud to say I still got it! Come on down to The Man Kave and check me out.

Mr.Tony the Professional

In 2003 I attained my Barber/Stylist license in the State of Florida. After earning Master Barber status, I later became an Instructor of Barbering at a local college. My knowledge of the business, experience, wisdom, and talents has helped many others achieve their own barber license. I look forward to seeing you down at the ManKave Barbershop!

James the Barber

My name is James Nelson, originally from Arkansas but now serving the community in Jacksonville, Florida. I consider myself a master barber/stylist specializing in men, women, and children’s haircuts. I work with an experienced group of professionals at the ManKave Barbershop. So, when you’re looking for a solution to any hair concerns come and visit James the Barber at the ManKave.

Kee Kee

My name is Kee Kee, born and raised in Fort Pierce, FL. I’m proud to say I graduated at the top of my barber class and I’m passionate about growing and advancing my skills at the Man Kave Barbershop. As a young, fresh, and hype barber stylist, I take pride in servicing my clients with great professional skills. If you’re wondering, I specialize in hair cutting, while being familiar with styling locs , blow outs , and much more! So pull up at the Man Kave and ask for Kee Kee, I promise you won’t regret it.

AD the Barber

My name is Adrain “AD” Stephens, born in Atlanta , Georgia. I’m a military Brat, so naturally I moved around a lot. I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2013 to pursue my career as a stand up comedian. The Barbershop has always had the kind of vibe I loved. The gratitude I get from making people laugh is the best part of it all! I jumped into the industry with no experience but worked hard on my craft to become the barber I am today. So, stop by and visit me at The Man Kave Barbershop. I take debit, credit card and cash. Stay solid...Stay loyal...