Tiba the Brand Creator
“It’s more than just a Barbershop, it’s our Brand!”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Tiba always knew he wanted to make a difference. Tiba grew up with his three sisters, two brothers and parents in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood. Tiba, was always with a fresh haircut. He was often used as a canvas for up and coming barbers in his neighborhood, trying to get into the barbering game. Needless to say, Tiba didn’t mind helping out where he could! Visiting the barbershop was a place where he felt inspired and first got the bug to dabble in the Barber World.

Against all odds Tiba thrived, attended Lincoln Tech, Union, NJ and majored in HVAC/R. He graduated at the top of his class and later moved to Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and son, determined to provide a better environment for his family. In Tiba’s first year in Jacksonville, he landed an amazing career opportunity to further his knowledge in the HVAC industry. Although he loved working in his field, he had a dream of opening his own barbershop one day.

Well, that one-day came in 2016! Tiba and his barber Terrance of two years, immediately realized they shared the same dreams of owning a barbershop. These two Leos, Terrance the Barber, and Tiba the Brand Creator launched the Man Kave Barbershop in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, FL. Tiba says, “It’s more than just a Barbershop, it’s our Brand!”

Terrance the Barber
THE MANKAVE BARBERSHOP, the people's barbershop!!

In August of 2016, The Mankave Barbershop was established but was in the making for quite some time before the doors were officially opened.

Terrance was born in Rockledge, Fl and raised in St. George, SC. He is the youngest of his siblings, three brothers, and one sister. His oldest brother was a huge influence on him becoming a barber. Terrance's brother was the household's barber, hooking everyone up with the coolest haircuts trending at that time.

In 2007, after years of working in corporate America, Terrance decided to make a move back to Jacksonville, Fl (Duuuuuuuuuvall!) He grew tired of working for Corporate America, where he held positions as a Brick Mason, a Warehouse Lead, a New Hire Trainer, and a Grocery Manager. He decided it was time to follow his dreams and enroll in Barber College. Terrance obtained his barber license in early 2012 and hasn't looked back since.

In 2014, Terrance met a client named Atiba, which changed everything. The both of them immediately hit it off and talks about owning their own barbershop began instantly! Two years later, they found a location that was perfect, 6209 Merrill Rd, where now stands THE MANKAVE BARBERSHOP, the people's barbershop!!